Racal Legacy Data Conversion

Legacy Data voice call recording / message restoration and conversion Services

The CPR (Civil Procedural Rules) which broadened the definition of discoverable electronic evidence, combined with recent developments in audio search technologies, have given voice traffic a new viability as a source for discoverable evidence. This renewed interest has created a demand for our voice related services, whether in response to regulatory scrutiny or electronic discovery requests.

An Example of why companies are using our services is below:-

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) handed a large German Bank a £227 million ($340 million) fine, its largest ever for LIBOR and EURIBOR-related (collectively known as IBOR) misconduct. The fine is so large because the Bank also misled the regulator, which could have hampered its investigation.

The FCA’s acting director of enforcement and market oversight, said: “This case shows how seriously we view a failure to cooperate with our investigations and our determination to take action against firms where we see wrongdoing.”

Some of the contributing factors were:-

“The German Bank had defective systems to support the audit and investigation of misconduct by traders. For example, the Bank’s systems for identifying and recording traders’ telephone calls and for tracing trading books to individual traders were inadequate. As a result, the German Bank took over two years to identify and produce all relevant audio recordings requested by the FCA.

The FCA’s investigation was made more difficult and was delayed because the Bank failed to provide timely, accurate and complete information. In one instance, the Bank in error destroyed 482 tapes of telephone calls, which fell within the scope of an FCA notice requiring their preservation. The Bank also provided inaccurate information to the regulator about whether other records existed.”

The Bank settled at an early stage of the investigation, qualifying for a 30% discount on its fine. Without the discount, the fine would have been £324 million.

We restore voice traffic from voice logging and messaging tapes or optical disks, index it and normalize into a standard target format such as .WAV files. We are able to support Nice, Thales Racal WordSafe, Thales Racal WordNet 1,2 & Thales Racal Mirra 1& 2), Dictaphone, Eyretel, Eventide, ASC, Lanier, Magnasync, Mercom, Nortel, Meridian, Comverse, Verint and other formats, including .AIF, .AIFC, .AIFF, .ASF, .AU, .AUD, .AVI, .MOV, MP2, .MP3, .MP4, .MPEG, .MPG, .MPG4, .QT, .VOX, .WMA, .WMV, WAV, and many more digital formats.

Our service is delivered at very competitive rates using dedicated retrieval servers from a farm of e.g. Racal Recorders and specialised software to complete extraction of audio and metadata for tapes relevant to Projects. This allows us to convert large volumes of tapes expediently. We use specialist software to select any call records which could not be retrieved by automation and to manually download selected voice recording files. Projects involving either 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of tapes will normally follow the procedures below:-

o    Take delivery of tapes and confirm receipt of tapes to client.  Store tapes in a fire proof safes when not being used for retrievals.

o    To work to pre agreed completion order provided by customer and mutually agreed with us.

o    Our Project Team will include Project Analysts and dedicated Managers.  There will be pre-project activities such as training, production of schedules, work order information to be undertaken by the dedicated Project Manager.

o    To supply specialised call conversion equipment (on customer sites in certain cases) to complete this work within the specified timescale.

o    Extract all audio and metadata files from the tapes supplied to a master encrypted hard disk

o    Upon completion, we will supply client with an encrypted master hard disk containing all extracted audio and metadata for the tapes relevant to this Project.

o    Recordings will be delivered in a secure format to Client

o    The hard disk will be returned to Client by client arranged secure courier.

o    All tapes will be returned to Client by client arranged secure courier.

o    Provide weekly Project specific audit tracking reports via Excel to customer – updating progress regularly.

Upon completion, we will confirm that all tapes and hard disks have been returned to client and that no other audio or metadata exists.

If you have a project to discuss please drop us an email at enquiries@smr-solutions.co.uk or call us on 01685 870068.